Happy New Year from Luxmore Gardens! Hope everyone is enjoying the new play area. It’s been lovely to see so many different ages of children playing togther in the re-imagined space and we’ve had some fantastic feedback. A retired primary headteacher told us last week it was ‘the most creative play space I’ve seen for ages..’

We’re having a planting event on Saturday 25th January from 11am-1pm. So if you fancy coming and getting involved with your local park and community then please do come down.

The new playground
Whats been happening in and around the park
Luxmore Gardens Planting Weekend September 2018

Welcome to the Friends of Luxmore gardens!

We are a community group set up with the intention to promote the use of Luxmore gardens, run events and to seek funding to help improve the facilities of the gardens.

The park is used after school by many families, whose only open space is this park. It is also used by a wide section of the community, such as dog walkers, young people meeting as a social space and many other sectors of the community.

We have an AGM to which everyone is welcome and hold regular community engagement activities so that we can all shape the future of our ‘pocket park’.

For news about what is happening in the park and what we’ve done please follow us on facebook or check out our news section.

To find out more about the park and its history click here.

And here is where to get all our contact details and social media channels should you want to keep in touch!